Private Dinner Cruise Amsterdam

Private dinner cruise Amsterdam on a luxury private canal boat. Choose from 2, 3 or 4-courses from a selection of local high quality canal restaurants on the water. Read more why our boat is the perfect getaway from daily life and a great idea to give as gift or to surprise your friends or partner.

High quality food served from local restaurants

We cooperate with a handmade selection of local restaurants to provide an authentic dining experience. The private dinner cruise in Amsterdam is a great upgrade to a regular tour. Save time and enhance the canal cruise experience by combining your boat tour with fine dining on board. Order a la a carte your favourite dishes as well as your preferred drink in our historic saloon boat .

Drink choices during your private dinner cruise

During the tour you will have the choice between a variety of beverages. Alcoholic as well as non-alocholic drinks can be served to enhance the flavors of your dishes. Start with a glass of champagne and pair the perfect glass of red or white wine to your main course. We have organic wines from “Chateau Amsterdam” as well as Heineken and Hertog Jan beer stocked up in our minibar. Champagne is also available for 65 EUR per bottle. A drink package, which includes all drinks except Champagne, is only 5 EUR per person.

Private Boat Hire in Amsterdam
Ice-cold Champagne served on board of private boat Undine

Restaurant choices on the private dinner cruise Amsterdam

Combination Options


For our italian kitchen lovers – we offer the full menu of one of the most popular italian restaurants in Amsterdam. It is located next to one of the smallest canals in Amsterdam, where only small private boat like ours can pass through. The funny fact is that their kitchen is directly accessible from the water – so you will have the chef himself serving the food directly from the kitchen in the saloon boat! An authentic and unique experience to enjoy little Italia on our private dinner cruise in Amsterdam.

Dutch Fusion

Hemelse Modder is a historic and famous dutch fusion restaurant. The small chique restaurant is a real hidden gem to most tourists. Due to the location of the restaurant, in the centre but not in a busy touristic street, not many tourists are able to discover this place. The menu is therefore also very special and anything else but mainstream.Are you willing to try out some fine dining and abstract flavor combinations – then go for this one!

hemelse modder dinner
Opperdoeskoekje van Hemelse Modder

French cuisine

De Struisvogel is a fully organic restaurant. They serve all kind of popular European dishes and have a great price – quality value. Try the Risotto and you will understand why this restaurant is one of the favourites of the local Amsterdamers.

Steak / Sea Food

Restaurant Black & Read is the most popular for the meat and sea-food lovers. It has classic steaks, burgers and lobster on its menu. Next to that, their plates are quite generous, so make sure you have enough appetite when going for this option! The restaurant has a big terrace outside – so make sure you don’t mind getting seen on your fabulous boat tour and a dining table stacked with delicious dishes!

Vegan Sushi

Ever watched Seaspiracy on Netflix and were shocked about the fishing industry and its harm to our oceans and sea life? Well, with us you can still enjoy the finest sushi because we cooperate with the first Vegan Sushi Bar in Amsterdam! Their quality and popularity speaks for themselves. Vegan Sushi Bar has opened their 3rd location in Amsterdam within a short time! Convince yourself from a new sushi experience which is 100% plant-based! The Vegan Sushi Bar has a lot of different flavors and styles to try out.

Book your private dinner cruise Amsterdam

You can book your private dinner tour online or via phone / whatsapp : + 31 6 45 25 1000. If you should have any further questions or dietary restrictions you would like to discuss with us – get in touch with us via E-Mail (info@private-canal-cruise.amsterdam) or phone.

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